For more than ten years the German-born artist Julian Braun aka Jules Ahoi has been living his life according in tune and rhythm with the ocean. In summer, he used to earn his living as a surf instructor, in winter he worked as a musician and songwriter. This environment formed the special musical genre the band “JULES AHOI”, have dedicated themselves to - they call their characteristical, folky style “SALTWATERFOLK”. A deep, wide sound inspired by the sea, which is not only the reason for innumerable road trips, but also for Jules decision to relocate to the south of France in spring 2015. Here he created songs that convey the lifestyle and feelings of a runaway and invite the listener to dream of endless summers and nights in a VW campervan.


The idea for the first EP ''Between Lines'' was created at the beginning of 2015 when Jules went to the French Atlantic coast for a surf-lifesaving course. The waves were good and the time and people in France inspired him so deeply that he spontaneously decided to throw in his studies in order to stay there and live in his van, living the dream. The French winter with its loneliness, deserted beaches and waves gave him enough inspiration for loads of songs about his life as a dropout. Various magazines called him “the embodiment of the ‘modern gypsy’ – who at the same time has beautiful stories to tell of his life. Jules’ life definitely tastes of salt on the skin and sun in the soul” (


Jules Ahoi” consisting of Julian 'Jules Ahoi' Braun (Vocals, Guitar), Lotta Holtei (Vocals, Keys), Michael Röhrig (Guitar, Banjo), Joris Geisselbrecht (Bass), Max Altmeyer (Drums), Johannes Rüther (Drums) and Maria del Mar Ribas (Cello), played a first tour of Germany in response to popular demand only one month after the release of the seven song EP “Between Lines”. Including headlining shows at the Surf & Skate Festivals 2016 in Hamburg and Cologne, ''Jules Ahoi'' could present themselves to a wider public for the first time and already gained their first international experience with a show at the Pines & Beach Festival in France.


The continuing demand for live performances finally led to the band moving their base back to Germany and beginning to plan a second tour of Germany. Since then, the band has been “on the road” and played 100+ shows in Germany and the Netherlands with highlights like the opening of the Music Fair Festival in Frankfurt,the Surfana Festival (NL), Pines & Beach Festival (FR), Pangea Festival (GER) and two shows as support for the british number 1 artist Newton Faulkner. One of the highlight of the tour so far happened on the 2017 Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg where the organisators of the festival had to stopp the inlet to the venue due to too many people wanted to attend the concert of the band.


At the moment the band and Gießen-based producer Thomas Eifert are working on JADO's debut album which will be released 2019.(CLICK HERE FOR GERMAN VERSION)





Echoes (Single, 2018)

As Long As It Takes (Single, 2017) 

Between Lines (EP, 2016)

Dreams (Single, 2016)

You Know This By Heart (Album, 2014, MANUA LOA)

Tales & The Sea (EP, 2013, MANUA LOA)

Sounds From Sunday Evening (EP, 2011, MANUA LOA) 



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