JULES AHOI is a singer/songwriter from cologne, germany. he wrote his first album "BETWEEN LINES" after he dropped out of university and moved to france, living in his old vw van. here he created his characteristical indiefolk-style which is often compared to early BEN HOWARD and BON IVER records. With the release of the "ECHOES" ep on his own founded record label MOON BLVD. RECORDS, JULES AHOI and his band hit the taste of a rapidly growing fanbased not only in germany but worldwide. between 2016 and 2019 the band played over 200 liveconcerts, with highlights like 4 shows on the 2019 edition of REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL hamburg and 17 sold out shows on their "ECHOES TOUR 2019".


on june 12, 2020 JULES AHOI released his first full length album "DEAR ____" including the singles "OH, AGNES" and "SOMEBODY" featuring LUNA MORGENSTERN.


"DEAR ____" is without a doubt a deeply personal record. however, because JULES AHOI addresses universal themes and has found a sound language that is as emotional as it is cleverly thought out, anyone with a minimum of empathy and a heart for exciting art can feel addressed by it.

a lot of unexpected and surprising things happen - astonishing twists and breaks, delightful variations on outdated conventions, the integration of sounds from the iphone memory and stylistic devices from very different genres.

in order to write and developing the songs for "DEAR ____", JULES AHOI had to process the experiences of the past years and draw a conclusion. the loss of a dear person, looking to find his place in life or simply an emotional moment. on the record he summarizes what moved, shook, inspired and dismayed him as a person and artist. because he was able to draw consequences from his experiences and reflections, "DEAR ____" became a huge step forward - away from pure folk and folk rock to something that, in search of labels, one might call alternative pop, art pop or art folk.


since 2016, JULES AHOI is accompanied by his band consisting of LOTTA HOLTEI (keys), MICHA RÖHRIGSON (Guitar), JORIS GEISSELBRECHT (bass), JOE RÜTHER (drums) and MARIA DEL MAR RIBAS (cello).





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DEAR ____  (album, 2020, JULES AHOI) - june 12


MOUNT IAM (single & video) - june 12

SOMEONE / SOMEBODY (ep & video, 2020) - may 29

OH, AGNES  (single & video, 2020) - april 17

3 AM  (single & video, 2020) - march 13



SOMEWHERE  (single, 2020, MANUA LOA)



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BETWEEN LINES (Remastered)  (album, 2019)

ECHOES  (ep & video, 2019)

DENMARK  (single & video, 2019)

GET LOST  (single & video, 2019)

LOVE LET IT FLOW  (single & video, 2019)

SLIDE (Acoustic Version)  (single, 2018,  MANUA LOA)

ECHOES  (single & video, 2018)

EUPHORIA / fragments.  (album, 2017)

AS LONG AS IT TAKES  (single & video, 2017)

CLOUDS  (single, 2017)

BETWEEN LINES  (album & video, 2016)

DREAMS  (single, 2016)


TALES & THE SEA  (ep, 2013,  MANUA LOA)















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