Hej you, we need to talk!


Have you ever listened to a vinyl record? Have you ever sat down with a glass of wine, a cigarette and listened to a whole album of one artist? Have you ever read the lyrics while listening for the first time, have you smelled the ink of the booklet, have you heared the crackles when the needle hits the record, have you had the expectations of a hidden track after the last song of the tracklist was played (born in the 80's äh?). It can be a wonderful experience - a way to get to know the intentions behind an album, a view behind the curtain, a look behind the image of the band, a glance into a soul of someone who channels feelings in songs, a possibility to find your very own favourite track.


We are afraid that most of you haven't or simply haven't got the chance to experience this, which we - as artists - think is one of the negative sides of a streaming (and skipping) society nowadays. Consuming music has changed in a crazy way. Who else is listening to a playlists curated by an algorhytm? Curated by, wait, by who?


For us - as artists - this is neither good nor bad. All of this comes up with a massiv load of new options and possibilities and at the same time it looses kind of its magic, doesn't it? 


We thought it might be a good moment to slow things down a little bit and show you a different way of listening. An alternative to music consumed as a "single-use product". So let's try this: we present to you the remastered vinyl version of our 2016 released album "Between Lines". But instead of uploading all single tracks of it, which would be the most profitable way to release music - we decided to upload all the single songs of it packed into "Side A" and "Side B" so the only way to listen is as if you listen to an album on a turntable. Furthermore we uploaded the original vinyl audiofiles which additionally means it might sound a little bit different to the other songs you normally listen to. The audiofiles of vinyls must be a little smoother, a little more quiet than everything else because playing songs from a vinyl is a physical process and if the record is too loud or mastered with too much bass the needle will jump around and you definately want to avoid this. Unlike and in contrast to something we call the "loudness hype" which means that every artist tries to be the loudest to get the listeners attention. To listen simply follow this link here: http://bit.ly/betweenlines_stream


We hope this might bring you closer to the experience how we love listening to music. We hope you will find the time to sit down, relax and truly listening to some nice music while doing.. well, maybe while doing NOTHING.



And if not, well, then it probably was a stupid idea but I was so curious to test it and see people's reaction on it. And maybe it gives us all a basis for a discussion and a reason to think about things. We would love to hear what is your opinion!



Looking forward to hear from you.


Love, j.

 © ℗ 2019 Jules Ahoi under exclusive license to MOON BLVD. Records

all phptographs by Johanna Besseling, Matthias Wagner