Julian 'Jules Ahoi' Braun

vox / git / e-git/ perc / prod

Lotta Holtei

keys / vox / synth

Micha Röhrig

e-git / git / banjo


Johannes Rüther


 as well as:


 Joris Geisselbrecht (bass)

Maria del Mar Ribas (cello) 

and a bunch of wonderful souls playing with us from time to time and helping us out when the real shit is going down:


Max Altmeyer (drums)

Dave Mette (drums)

Thomas Eifert (bass, prod)

Ögunc Kardelen (bass)

Knud Krautwig (bass)

Christos Kazaglis (cello)

Dominik Symann (e-git)

Johannes Kohrs (e-git)

Luka Ullrich (bass)

Tarek Zarroug (drums)




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